COVID-19 Compliance & Design

Not sure how to implement the latest social distancing recommendations for your office space? We can help.


Suggestion: If you're currently in an open office environment, consider adding height to your panels to increase separation between employees. You can easily add glass or stack-on extenders, depending on your cubicle system.

Glass stack-on in textured finish

Glass stack-on in smoke color

Glass stack-on, clear

Glass or plexi clamp in "frosted"

Glass or plexi clamp in "silver"

Glass or plexi clamp in "black"

We sell glass and plexi clamps here at 


Suggestion: You may decide it's time for an office reconfiguration. We have the parts you need and we have the ability to match your existing cubicles, getting parts to you quickly and cost effectively. Head on over to for our catalog. Stuck? Call us today at 832.539.2240. We have answers and experience and can help you understand your options.


Closing or downsizing? We can help with moving or decommissioning services locally or nation-wide. 


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