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Corporate Decommissioning

We handle corporate decommissioning projects from start to finish.  Many companies sell your contract, but we provide support throughout the process, from the initial consultation, to "broom clean" floors and empty spaces.

Please view the FAQs below to help us start the conversation ...


Q: What information will you need to estimate cost?

A: We need: 
- Manufacturer & model (Unsure? An account executive can help you find it.)
- Photos 
- Location of furniture
- Site conditions

- Time frame (If you have a deadline it’s very important to let us know) 

Q: Can you help me sell my assets? 

A: We often can sell medium and large quantities.  A minimum of at least 20-30 workstations are needed before we can get you a good value, but we can handle thousands of cubicles, casegoods, filing and seating. Name brands like Herman Miller, Haworth, Teknion, Knoll or Steelcase are easier to sell.

Unfortunately, often we can't sell small quantities (a minimum of at least 15-20 offices and/or workstations are needed for best value).

Q: What is my next step?

A: Gather the information we will need, then contact us! We are happy to lead you through this process. 

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