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Limited Budget? You Can Still Update Your Office Space

Work happens in our office spaces. Over time, offices can start to look shabby and worn. Bottom pieces, depending on the cubicle system, especially ends, covers and base plates, can be damaged by vacuums. Top finishing pieces fall off, get lost, get damaged, or loosen with time. Wear and damage makes office spaces look tired, losing that crisp, professional look that’s so important in business.

America runs on small businesses with tight budgets. Firms with fewer than 100 employees have the largest share of small business employment, according to the U. S. Small Business Office of Advocacy’s 2018 report.

Small businesses may assume their aging office assets need expensive replacements--that the only option is to buy new cubicles at a cost per station of $3000-5000 per cube. If budget allows, why not? But not all companies can allocate funds to a complete remodel.

If your company is on a limited budget, another option can be to purchase refurbished cubicles for $1500-2500 per station. This is a lower cost solution, but keep in mind there are STILL other options for companies who can’t afford refurbished cubicles. For example, “as-is”, or pre-owned cubicles will run in the neighborhood of $700-$1500 per cube.

Another cost-effective alternative is to replace key cubicle parts and pieces—parts that have been broken, worked loose or appear shabby. Strategically replacing parts is quite the savings at about $200-$300 per station.

For example, the image below is a Knoll Morrison 2-way top cap cover, priced at $3.99. This small piece replaces the top cap between a 2-way connection.

Knoll Morrison 2-way top cap cover

Since these connections are often lost or damaged, it makes both aesthetic sense and fiscal sense to replace these parts. We often suggest this affordable option to companies who need to rehab their current cubicle system for pennies on the dollar.

No matter your budget, there are options and possibilities to fit your needs.


If you need assistance to freshen your office space, give us a call at 832-539-2240 or check out so we can help you get on with business.

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