Editor's Picks: Our Favorite Office Accessories!

Pick 1: We love a vertical mouse for 9 to 5 scrolling. The vertical shape will take a few moments to get used to, but weary wrists get a much needed, ergonomic break when you switch to this vertical design. $14.99 on Amazon.com.

Pick 2: Is there anything more satisfying than a smoothly flowing pen? We don't think so, and Uniball's quick drying Vision line is one of our favorites. $14.89 for a 12-pack at Target.com

Pick 3: Every office needs a little glamour! Fortunately, Swingline has you covered with their classic stapler design in metallic gold finish. It's just the touch of shine you need to make paperwork a bit more fun. $21 at amazon.com.

Pick 4: We love this little modern, magnetic sheep designed to keep paper clips within arm's reach. $16.99 at amazon.com

Pick 5: Keeping track of half-used sticky note towers? This 12-sided sticky note ball may be for you. It holds 300 sticky notes and its smart design will make you smile. $12 at poppin.com.

Pick 6: This aluminum cell phone or tablet stand by OMOTON will sit neatly on your desk, cord tucked away, for only $8.99. Comes in a variety of fun colors. Amazon.com.

These picks are brought to you by the editors of Cubicle Network

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